Yet another way to support the growth & continuation of Truth-based Services like IWC 2.0 Social & IWC 2.0 TV

THE OFFICIAL IWC 2.0 Truth Fund is a revolutionary new way to utilize your voice for the continuation of our God-given right to freedom of speech

The IWC Truth Fund offers you a unique way to contribute to the continuation of a free-flow information structure, like the IWC 2.0 Social Media Platform!

With BOTH a user-friendly experience & a VAST community of Free-Thinkers, the IWC 2.0 Social Platform is a “Hub” for exchanging ideas & connecting with people just like you!


Your contribution will also directly impact the growth & continuation of Free-Speech Video Platforms like IWC 2.0 TV

Working in much the same way YT does (Minus the blatant Censorship) – IWC 2.0 TV is the “Nerve-Center” of the IWC 2.0 Community, where the TRUTH goes unfettered, Secrets come to light, & God WINS!

CONTRIBUTION/DONATION DISCLAIMER: Contributions &/or Donations made to the IWC 2.0 Truth Fund do not grant access to IWC 2.0 Membership features such as IWC 2.0 Social & IWC 2.0 TV. If you’d like to gain access to IWC 2.0 Social or TV CLICK HERE to register as an Official IWC 2.0 Member. IWC 2.0, The Intuitive Warriors Club, Michael K Jaco are not 501(c)3 & contributions (donations) made to “The Truth Fund” are not tax deductible